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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Topsy turvy day?

Okay, there is just something inherently wrong with the world, when credit card solicitors can get access to all sorts of personal financial data, but I can't find out from Greyhound or the airlines if my stepson happened to get on a bus or a plane yesterday. And it has nothing to do with my being his stepmom. I was never even asked for ID or anything, I just flat out got told to my face when I showed up at the airport that 'sorry to hear that, but it's illegal for us to give you that information'. Even if he's a MINOR?!?!?!

Hello??? McFly??

Today has just been a big long day of spinning my wheels. I can't get any info to help other than the numbers/addys I gave the police. And I was informed by a detective today that unfortunately running away is not illegal and there's really a limit to what they can legally do.

They sure make it easy for someone to disappear, don't they??

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