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Monday, April 26, 2004

Roll the bones...

First things first - thanks to all of you for your support! My mom came home Saturday and is back to normal. She arrived home the same day as her Mother's Day gift. So not only did she get to come home, she got stash as well!

So my grand plan for this weekend was to hit Curves for the third time in a week, stitch, and watch playoff hockey. I did technically meet all three objectives - got up at 8am Saturday morning and went for a workout.

But somehow I only managed to stitch for an hour and watch only a little bit of hockey - not even a complete game. The rest of the weekend got frittered away into a birthday party, bills, laundry...I'm sure you know how it goes.

We did game Sunday afternoon. DH and I and a couple of friends have had a weekly RPG session for over a decade, though the particular gamesystems we've used have varied over time. (I probably should clarify that we're pencil-and-paper RPGers - with the proliferation of online games, many people tend to assume 'gaming' means Everquest or similar. DH and I have both been on MuSHes from time to time, and made some friends there, but we've not done that in years). Our current campaign (which is near a wrap-up point) uses the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer ruleset, and is set in the 1950's Midwest. Over the past decade we've played AD&D (often in the Ravenloft or Birthright gameworlds), Champions (multiple campaigns here, including an "X-Files" one), Star Trek (multiple here as well), and Chaosium's Elric! and Call of Cthulhu rulesets. DH prefers Chaosium's rulesets, since it uses percentile-based skills. Everyone but me has had at least one shot at GMing - I don't feel a pressing need to run a game, and I'm often devoid on ideas anyway.

I will say that the old myth about the GM's wife being the most powerful PC in any campaign is bull. At least with us - DH plays fair when he GMs.

Though there are times when loaded dice might come in handy!

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