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Friday, April 23, 2004

A day in the life

It's Friday! Still haven't stitched since this past weekend. I *almost* made it to Curves yesterday, but one of my contacts started irritating something fierce, so I went home and changed into glasses, after which it was really too late to get to Curves (the local one closes at 7, and I got off work after 6 yesterday). Still, I should be able to get there tonight and tomorrow. It'll be great if I can - I haven't had a 3-workout week in months...

I was able to get to some web updates last night (I do some freelance web development on the side) now that we have another computer. I haven't worked on my virtual castle in almost a year, though. Maybe someday I'll get a chance to put all my thoughts down. Part of it is getting it all organized in my head - once I have a good mental picture, writing it will be fairly straightforward.

And a mix of good and bad news. Good news is that I finally finished all the preparations for DD's 5th birthday party next month - invites are written and dispatched, indoor playground/party place is booked, pinata is stuffed. Just need to wait for the RSVPs to flow in.

The bad news is that my mom went into the hospital yesterday. No word yet on what's wrong with her. My dad doesn't seem to be much worried (but could be hiding it). My sister is worried, and I'm not sure which cue to take from that. On one hand, she's a medical secretary and is aware of what the 'worst case' scenarios could be. On the other hand, she's a bit of a worrywart. At the moment I'm not too worried, but then I have insufficient data. So, if you're reading this, and you're the type to pray, please pray for my mom. If you're not the praying type, good thoughts or vibes would be appreciated.

And be thankful I didn't post any poetry today!

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