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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The good, the bad, and the chaotic

Last night was pretty relaxing - I actually got to stitch for about an hour, and watch a bit of hockey (Go Lightning!) Definitely a nice change of pace after the weekend...My in-laws came down Thursday evening, and visited with us until Sunday night (they stayed in a hotel, but spent most of the time with us).

Thursday night, we went to Mass, then out to dinner. Friday we spent most of the afternoon at church (Lord's Passion at 3, Stations of the Cross at 6), then went out to eat. DH, DsD, and I had fasted all day so we were pretty hungry by that point. Saturday morning I took DD to an Easter egg hunt (she scored a dozen plastic eggs with goodies inside, and was quite happy with that). Then we dyed eggs at home - I used food coloring instead of those kits one buys, and I was rather impressed with how they turned out. I'll never buy one of those cheesy kits ever again!

Saturday night was the Easter Vigil, certainly one of the most beautiful and meaningful services the Catholic Church has to offer. It was even more special because DsD was getting baptised, confirmed, and receiving First Communion. Her DBF, who also came with us, affectionately referred to it as the "Holy Trifecta". I was her stand-in RCIA sponsor (her godfather couldn't make it down from up north), so I had my small part to play. We were all so proud of her! I'm also pleased with DD for being a good girl through all of the Masses - it's tough to be an active 5-year-old and have to sit through 2-hour services.

Then Sunday was another Mass, a big dinner (and plenty of Easter candy!), and more visiting. There were some interesting theologial discussions over the course of the weekend - we're Catholic, DH's folks are Baptist and DH seems to be keenly interested in remedying that fact. DH also seems to thrive on debate, while I'm more of a conflict-avoidance kind of person, so I tried to make myself scarce during some of the more, um, animated discussions. That, and I get the distinct impression that my MIL disapproves of both my housekeeping and my choice of decor. So, there was a bit of stress in my weekend along with the good.

Basically, combine visiting family with the most liturgically active part of the Church year, and you get some idea of how busy things were. I am very glad things are back to normal.

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