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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Know what?

All of a sudden, that's become DD's most commonly used phrase. Thinking back, she first started using it a couple weeks ago, but it was driven home to me last night how common it's become. After picking DD up from school, the conversation went something like this:
Mom! Know what?
Today in class we had a test and know what?
I got them all right! And know what?
My table got 10 pennies! And know what?
We have 23 pennies now, and know what?
We get to go to the treasure chest on Friday, and know what?

You get the idea. On one hand, "and know what?" got old very quickly. But on the other, I'm pleased that she's being so talkative about her day. It wasn't so long ago that the conversation went along these lines:
How was your day?
What did you do today in school?
What kind of stuff?
Just stuff.

I know this new "know what?" phase won't last forever. My stepkids went through a similar phase (although their phrase of choice was "guess what?") and this one will be replaced with "and, like, ...", or the monosyllabic responses that seem to be the hallmark of teens.

Know what? I think I'll cherish the "know what?" phase while it lasts.

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