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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Too much partying?

DD is of that age when it seems like every weekend, she's invited to yet another birthday party. We went to one this past weekend, and one a couple weekends before that. We'll be going to another one this coming weekend.

One might think that kindergartners party all the time!

DD's birthday is not all that far off, and her bestest friend's birthday is only a couple days after hers. To avoid conflict (and perhaps partly to cut down on the number of parties both girls are being schlepped to), the friend's mom and I decided to have a joint birthday party at a local Chuck E. Cheese-type place. The girls are looking forward to it and we avoid any potential conflicts with party scheduling.

We've also decided that the girls will not open their presents at the party, opening them at home instead. That way we won't have to worry about present confusion, comparison, or conflict.

I think they'll have a blast. Now if I can just make it to June with some modicum of sanity from all the *other* events going on...

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