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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Catching up with memes - ABCs

I'm a bit behind folks on memes, so I may be doing a bit of catchup. Here's another variant of the ABCs of Me I've seen around lately.

Accent: American Southern, specifically Virginian with occasional tendencies toward Georgian.
Bra size: Big enough to need one, small enough not to attract unwanted attention.
Chore I hate: Anything involving cleaning up expelled biological matter.
Dad's name: Dad to me, PopPop to the kids
Essential make-up: Don't usually wear any.
Favorite perfume: Don't do perfume (DH has problems with strong scents) - occasionally will do floral scented powder or body spray, usually rose or lavender.
Gold or Silver: Yes.
Hometown: One of the DC suburbs
Interesting fact: I can't see ghosts.
Job title: Software Engineer
Kids: 3 - 2 step, 1 bio
Living arrangements: Standard single-family ranch home with DH, DsS and DD.
Mom's Birthplace: Virginia
Number of apples eaten in last week: One
Overnight hospital stays: Only once that I recall - premature labor/childbirth with DD.
Phobia: Those big flying Florida roaches, euphemistically called palmetto bugs. They usually make me scream like a girl.
Question you ask yourself a lot: Where does all my time go?
Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic (convert from Episcopal by way of agnostic)
Siblings: One of each, both younger.
Time I wake up: Weekdays, around 6:15. Later on weekends.
Unnatural hair color: The one time I had my hair dyed, to what I thought would be its original (non-sunbleached) color, it had a bit of an orangish tinge.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Bring 'em all on!
Worst habit: Grinding my teeth.
X-rays: A couple on my feet (as a child), one for a dislocated shoulder (late teens), an ultrasound when I was expecting DD, numerous routine dental X-rays.
Yummy food I make: Rum cake, carrot cake, pot roast.
Zodiac sign: Aquarius, I think. Dog if we're talking Chinese zodiac.

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