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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Life has been busy the past few days, which explains the latency between entries. I'm just going to recap here, since I've been under the weather the past couple days.

This weekend we went to a fundraising semi-formal event for DD's school. It was fun to dress up nice, and I finally found dressy shoes that aren't murder on my feet. We had a good time, although the auction items we'd put up didn't go as well as we'd hoped. But with the hurricane season we just had, I can't really say I'm surprised.

DD and DsD both got perfect report cards this grading period, so we went out to breakfast on Saturday. Sunday we met DsS for lunch, and he came over for a bit.

Monday we went to an evening prayer service at which DH was singing. It was quite lovely, with candles and beautiful music. And DH did a great job, as always.

Yesterday I left work early because I was feeling rather woozy. I came home and took a nap before I picked up DD from our carpool partner's house. Last night I went to bed at a reasonable time, but the night was spent in a weird semi-conscious state that often accompanies illness for me. It seemed like I looked at the clock every hour, while my mind turned on strange thoughts, but I don't feel as tired as I expect I would if I didn't sleep at all. Very strange. I'm feeling clearer-headed today, if a bit wobbly.

I did get a progress picture of Last Supper. I'm 110 hours in so far, and it's shaping up rather well:

And more Peep fun - check out PeepResearch.org. Peeps in liquid nitrogen, among other things.

Now what I'd like to see is mixing the Mythbusters and Peeps....

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