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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Of Kinder and Räubertellers...

Guten Abend, liebe Freunde!

I'm here in Karlsruhe, in western Germany. The girls and I arrived Friday morning, and DD got her first experience of snow. We landed in Stuttgart, and drove up here, stopping along the way to let DD play in the snow. She made snow angels, and we had a snowball fight.

It's been snowing off and on since we arrived, much to DD's delight. Fortunately, the roads here are very well-kept, and the Winterdienst trucks keep the major motorways plowed and cleared.

I don't know how typical Karlsruhe is of German cities, but other than graffiti, it is rather clean for a city. I've seen almost no litter around, and everything seems in good repair. And the people are quite friendly and helpful.

And I can say I've not had a bad meal since I've arrived! The food is excellent, and so is the beer. (Friday was hard for me, since I couldn't order a meat dish, but I got to try a fish dish I would not have otherwise, and I've had a fair bit of spätzle!)
Several restaurants have something on their menu for children called a "Räuberteller" ("robber plate") - they bring the child an empty plate so they can mooch off their parents! I guess that's a common enough practice for it to be a menu item!

I'll describe our sightseeing adventures in another post...DsD is leaving tomorrow, and I've usurped her laptop! Bis später!

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