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Monday, June 28, 2004

Save a life - give blood

I'd almost forgotten the Bloodmobile was here today! When I remembered, I went out and donated (no low iron problem this time). I also got $15 in restaurant gift certs. That's not why I donate, of course, but it is a nice perk for my third donation - I have a punchcard (Club Red) that lets me get $15 in GCs every third donation. DD will be happy about the package of cookies I got, too.

I don't donate for the cookies and GCs, though. I donate because it's a small but important thing I can do to help save lives. If anyone in my family were in the hospital and needed blood, I'd certainly like for there to be sufficient blood to save them. And while my family may not need my donation at this point in time, someone else's family will. So I try to give as often as I can.

So today's public service announcement: Save a life. Give blood.

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