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Thursday, June 03, 2004

The journey of 5000 miles begins with a single step (1/8)

As promised, here is the first installment of my trip journal!

Italy journal - part 1 of 8

Our trip got off to a rather inauspicious start. My family was meeting our friend M, and three of his friends (G, L, and H) whom we'd never met. We arrived first, with M due to arrive second so he could find G, L and H as they arrived. We got to Rome at 9am. 11 came, then noon, and still no M. By this time, G was to have arrived. 1pm, then 2, at which point L and H were due in. DsD had the brilliant idea of making a sign saying "(M's last name) party", at which point we were able to meet up with the other three before M arrived. M arrived last, although his bag didn't, and by 4pm we were all on the road. Traffic wasn't too bad once we got off of Rome's ring road, and a very scenic drive up, down, and through mountains got us to our villa. Now, on to the actual journal!

23 May 2004 - Il Borghetto, near Ilci in Umbria, Italy

This week we are staying at Il Borghetto, a farm situated on an olive grove and vineyards in Umbria. It's private property, and this is one of several houses the owners rent to vacationers. From here we have a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside, including at least two castles. There are other houses scattered about, including a couple of small towns.

At Il Borghetto, there are many trees in bloom - I don't know what they are, but they have somewhat strongly scented white flowers. there are also large bushes of lavender and rosemary. On the drive up here, as well as on the property, we have seen a great number of rosebushes in bloom. Here at Il Borghetto I've seen red, white, yellow, peach, and pink roses. And that's just near this house.
Yesterday when we arrived the weather was beautiful - in the 70s, sunny with a slight breeze. Today it's a little cooler because it's raining. Storming, actually - I hear thunder, and it's a heavy downpour. But still, very beautiful for all that and already the storm is passing.

Last night we had dinner at a restaurant outside of Todi - I don't know the name, but the food was phenomenal. For antipasti we had a tray of roast pork, some very thinly sliced ham, some flatbread, and an herbed garlic bread. For pasta, I had a fettucine with asparagus - others had spaghetti or ravioli pomodoro or bolognese. For the meat, I had agnella al forno - a roast lamb chop that had olive oil and herbs, and was quite delicious. The hostess was also quite gracious, even though she didn't speak English and none of us know much Italian. I wish I could remember the place to offer as a recommendation.

Tune in next time to hear about our first drive around Umbria, Orvieto take 1, and my experience with wine and spades!

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