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Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday miscellany - 31Oct16

Happy Halloween!

We had 82 trick-or-treaters tonight, which is about average for us. At one point, I had a rolling group of 22 kids. There were the usual run of costumes - zombies, princesses, cowboys, superheroes, and monsters. Nothing particularly memorable this time around, but not every year does.

It's taken me longer than I expected to recover from this cold, so my leisure time productivity is not what I was hoping. It's been as much mental fatigue as physical, so my motivation was notably AWOL.

What I've been reading... I don't think I read at all this past week. I hope to finish the current Powder Mage novella, "Ghosts of the Tristan Basin", this week, and figure out what to read next.

What I've been crafting.... I stitched maybe an hour or two on Ink Circles "Tapestry", most of which was during gaming Saturday. I hope to finish the current quadrant this week.

Fumbling toward fitness Another big goose egg here as well. No Curves, and no treadmill. I had very little energy and am still coughing rather more than perhaps I should be by this point. Tomorrow is a new month, so I should resume exercising again. I probably should start back slowly though.

One Little Victory My program at work was asked to work overtime to make up for the hurricane closure earlier this month, and I've made up most of my time. I suppose that explains where my energy went, but the extra pay will be nice.

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