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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy 2011 !

Another year, another opportunity to reflect.

2010 was a good year, I think. We had a short-notice vacation/pilgrimage to Rome. I did some designing. I worked a fair bit of overtime at work the latter part of the year, and I expect that to continue at least for the first month or two of the year.

Oh yeah, and I hit the big 4-0. Or as I prefer to think, 28 in hexadecimal ;)

On to goals!

2010 Goals
  • Read 5000 pages - Even after upping the ante, I blew this one out of the water with 7044 pages read - 140%. Now, some of that was due to a transatlantic vacation, which certainly accounted for probably 2000 of those pages.
  • Do 20 101List items - Not quite, but I did manage 17. Much better than 2009's pathetic 9.
  • Rivendell to Lorien - Yes, actually! I'm also 142 miles from Lorien toward Rauros, thanks partly to the Wii and partly to walking around my neighborhood.

    2011 Goals
  • Read 5000 pages - This was a good goal level for me so I think I'll keep with it.
  • Do 10 101List items - I haven't ever managed 20, so I'm going to be a little more realistic.
  • Lorien to Rauros - I'm already a third of the way there, and it's an exercise motivator...so I'm going to add:
  • Rauros to Isengard (Aragorn's path) - I had a choice for so I'm going with the longer of the two.

    So that's it for goals! I should have a completion within the next day or two - I'm almost done with VS Heirloom Christmas!
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    Karin said...

    Sounds like 2010 was productive! Can't wait to see your finish.