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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

And more finishes!

Only March, and I've actually completed several more things this year!

This first, my Peace design, I actually finished a couple of weeks ago. Somehow I never got around to posting it here, though...
Tor Rhuann Designs - Peace
(Click for PDF)

This is on antique white Italian linen, with Waterlilies "Royal Jewels", PB68 "black opal", and MH40374 beads.

My other two finishes are more recent, both on 28 February.
VS February Bellpull
This is Victoria Sampler's "February Bellpull", on 28ct lavender bliss Lugana. I also put a few 2mm amethyst gemstone rounds for accent. Because it's my 40th birthday piece and I felt it needed genuine examples of my birthstone.

And remember the snowflake afghan I started when I lied about setting my hook aside? I finished that too.
Snowflake Afghan - Art of Tangle
The yarns I used were various blues and white with silver metallic threads. The pattern is a freebie at Art of Tangle, though I chose to make more motifs (91 total) and make a hexagonal afghan. Sort of a meta-snowflake.

Four finishes already in 2010....I think that beats my total for 2009!


Karen said...

The peace sign is really cool. Love the bell pull, and the snowflake afghan is gorgeous!

Glenda said...


Yes, I need to stop watching the rerun channel.

Chris Muir said...

Your work reminds me of Ohio, of all things.I live in Florida,but went to college in Cincinnati,and it was the 1st time I saw such wonderful American craft.

Love it.