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Friday, August 07, 2009

Three more reasons I love my framer!

I got three pieces back from my framer today, adding to the number of reasons I think she is the best framer ever.

First up is TW Fortunate Traveler. Some may remember that I finished this one on New Years Day...2008. Finally got the dragon on his merry way, and when he came back:
Fortunate Traveler
(Click for larger picture)

The detail inset below was an unexpected but beautiful touch, and I think it adds so much to this piece:
Fortunate Traveler - inset detail
(Click for larger picture)

Next up was JN Amethyst Snowflake, which was 2009's New Years Day finish:
Amethyst Snowflake
(Click for larger picture)

The last thing I had was to take several of my smalls and my logo for Tor Rhuann Designs and ask what she could do with them. Here is the result:
Tor Rhuann - framed portfolio
(Click for larger picture)

A little closer pic of the logo area:
Tor Rhuann logo detail
(Click for larger picture)

I am still in awe...

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