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Monday, June 01, 2009

It's that time again....

Hurricane season kicks off today. Whee. Such is life, though, living in Florida.

It's been nearly a month since I posted last - as I get older, I find time slips away from me more and more.

So, lucky readers, instead of a cohesive post,you get...the dreaded bullet list! (*cower*)
  • Saw the new Star Trek movie. It was enjoyable, more so than I was expecting. DD has now gone nuts over Spock. So I did what any responsible parent would - pointed her at the Star Trek original series playlist over on YouTube!

  • Also saw the new Pixar movie Up. I had high hopes, and Pixar came through once again. This was a cute, touching movie, and I admit I cried a bit at points. And Pixar's animation standards continue to be very high.

  • Am currently reading the latest Sharon Kay Penman book, The Devil's Brood. Historical fiction about Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, and their children. If you've ever seen the movie The Lion in Winter, you'll be familiar with the main characters, but don't be surprised if the characterizations don't completely match up with the movie. Penman does do her homework research-wise, though, and she's very solid. I highly recommend her if you like historical fiction.

  • DD is *ten* now. Where has the time gone?? She wanted to go to Margaritaville (the Jimmy Buffett-themed restaurant) for her birthday so we took her and her best friend out to Orlando. A good time was had by all.

  • Addendum (6/1, 18:40): Made homemade pulled pork from a Good Eats episode. Time-intensive but oh so worth it.

    That's all for now!
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