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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Raising the steaks

Last week, I realized that giving up fast food and sugary drinks wasn't really much of a sacrifice for me. So I decided to up the ante a bit and give up red meat for Lent. This has proved a little more of a challenge, partly from a grocery-shopping and meal-planning perspective. (Poultry is fair, um, game, so it's a little easier from a meal-planning perspective than DH and DD's giving up of all meat last year)

In the semiconsciousness preceding sleep, when the mind wanders strange paths, I got to thinking...

Is alligator 'red meat'? It has four legs, but isn't a mammal. (Which of those is the defining characteristic of 'red meat' anyway?) It's not poultry, and it's presumably not seafood.

And what about other things, like rattlesnake, or escargot? Where do they fall in the fish/fowl/flesh spectrum?

I'll give up the 'gator during Lent as well, but I'd welcome any insights on my nocturnal musings...

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