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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Seasons change and so do I...

About two weeks ago, I got a rather unexpected request. Vikki Clayton of Hand-Dyed Fibers asked me if I would come up with a design using her overdyed silks. Basic constraint was 5-10 colors, using less than half a yard per color when stitched using one strand over two threads, so she could develop sample tag sets for them.

I was honored, to say the least. This opportunity would give Tor Rhuann Designs more exposure, which was both exciting and a bit scary! But a flash of inspiration and a LOT of deliberation over color choices later, I'm proud to present Four Seasons:
Four Seasons - colorway 1
Colorway 1
Four Seasons - colorway 2
Colorway 2

It was very hard to settle on colors, because there are so many lovely ones to choose from, but I managed to limit (ha!) myself to only stitching it twice. Vikki will have tag sets available for these two colorways at Hand-Dyed Fibers.
As for my models, I see a biscornu in my near future!

Also in my near future are two new ventures for me!
  • I'm starting to take voice lessons (my first one is tomorrow!). I've been singing in my church choir for about a year now, but I could use a bit of help with technique and just overall comfort with my voice. Hopefully lessons will help.

  • I'll also be trying my hand at DungeonMastering for the first time. I've been a tabletop RPGer for about 20 years, but have never been a gamemaster. I'm the only adult in my group who's never done so. DH got a DragonLance book from DD for Christmas and started thinking about a DragonLance campaign, since there's a popular sequence of modules based on the original Dragonlance series. He's already running a Birthright campaign at present, so I decided that maybe it was time I gave DMing a go. I probably won't be ready to actually start for a few weeks yet, but I'm excited about this.

    Wish me luck!
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