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Thursday, January 31, 2008

"I'm Hen-e-ry the 8th I am, I am..."


Catarina was Henry's first wife and was probably the only one of his six wives to truly love him. He tired of her, and she spent the last decade of her life in lonely exile. Yet when she was dying, alone and unloved, she wrote: "Lastly, I make this vow, that mine eyes desire thee above all things. Farewell."

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?

this quiz was made by Lori Fury

I've gotten Katherine of Aragon on two different quizzes of this type (the other is here). Not sure about the 'hopeless romantic' aspect though, though I did once press a rose in a physics book. Does that count?

(FWIW, I retook both quizzes with my least-fit answer and came up Anne Boleyn both times...)

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