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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

The first day of 2008 - a time to look back, and to look forward.

On the whole, 2007 was a pretty positive year. There were many momentous family occasions: DD's First Communion, DsS's high school graduation, my SIL's wedding, and my grandson's Baptism. All is well at home, and we even had an uneventful tropical storm season. Tor Rhuann Designs has been getting a lot more hits, and its popularity surprises me a bit since I still consider myself a mere dabbler and not a real designer.

And I have a big stitching finish: The Fortunate Traveler is done!

Technically I didn't quite get him finished during 2007 - I just finished up about 7:15 this evening, making it my first finish of 2008:

Fortunate Traveler - finally finished!
(Click for larger image)

All told, it was 277 hours start to finish, between January of 2003 and today. Rough breakdown of individual parts:

Dragon scene100 hours
Title20 hours
Story area32 hours
Eyelet border17 hours
Smaller dragon13 hours
Border92 hours
Beading3 hours

I'd estimated between 275 and 300 hours, so my estimates are improving.

With Traveler done, I have completed one of my goals for last year, albeit about 19 hours too late. The only other goal I completed was the 'average a book a month'. The rest...well...let's just say i didn't complete them, and leave it at that.

November and December were, as usual, somewhat hectic and stressful. On one hand, perhaps not setting goals for myself might help alleviate that. On the other hand, I know myself well enough that I can't *not* set goals.

DH has pointed out that with my 101 List, I already have goals, so setting yearly goals is redundant anyway. But he also suggested that if I'm hellbent on setting yearly goals anyway, that perhaps having an open-ended "Do x things off the 101List" would allow me to have a measurable goal, yet still give me some freedom of movement as to which goals those are. Which is a wonderful idea, actually. Making x = 20 makes the math for my sidebar script easier....

And I've had a yearly reading goal for the past 20 years, and I'm not about to break that streak. I'm just going to quantify it slightly differently than I have the past few years. Instead of 'average a book a month', I'm going to go with a raw pagecount.

So my two goals for 2008 are:
  • Read 4500 pages
  • Complete 20 items from my 101 Things list

    From time to time, particular sub-items from the 101 List may appear in the goals section of my sidebar (like the 63-squares afghan that's there now), but those will come and go. As of this moment, I have 31 completed items, so I should have 51 by this time next year.

    Welcome 2008! Let's see what the new year brings...
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