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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Seasonal insanity is well and truly underway, so I hope that I will be forgiven for my latencies in posting.

I picked up two pieces from my framer over a week ago. One of them is Passione Ricamo's _Make A Wish_:
Passione Ricamo _Make A Wish_
(Click for larger picture)

My apologies for the quality of the photography, but I'm very pleased with this. My framer cut little gold stars into the matting, and they look stellar (npi).

The other is the wedding gift for my SIL, and as the gift is already in the mail, there may well be a pic here this week. I'm thrilled with that one as well, and I'm *dying* to show it off but I must wait...

Thanksgiving was good here. In the morning, we helped serve at my parish's annual seniors Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of fun as always - large meal with 200+ of my oldest friends. Although 55+ doesn't necessarily make one old.

DsS and his girlfriend are down this weekend from college, and for Thanksgiving evening we met at DsD's house. My grandson was, as always, the center of attention, the cutie. DsS and his GF have been staying here since then, and DD has been enjoying having other folks around. They go back tonight.

So all in all, I have much to be thankful for.

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