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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


We've come to the realization over the past few weeks that our house has been bugged....

We have, unfortunately, a bit of a grain moth infestation.

It started with some El Cheapo bird seed we bought for the budgies a few months back. Not long after that purchase, we saw a few small dusty moths flying about in DD's room (where the birdcage is). After much swatting and replacing of birdseed with a higher quality, the problem seemed to have almost disappeared. But it's gotten bad again the past couple of weeks, and the pest control mentioned grain moths, which led to identification of the culprit, and therefore possible infestation locations.

So within the past 24 hours I've pitched about 10 pounds of dry grains with signs of compromise (primarily rice), and I have moth traps on order. A more thorough cleaning of my pantry is on tap for the weekend (what joy...).

Have any of my readers had to suffer with the annoying little blighters, and can therefore give further recommendations for how to prosecute a lepidogenocide campaign?

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