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Friday, July 14, 2006

London Calling (UK trip 8/9)

London, Sunday 2 July 2006

Today London has been a bit better for us. We finally got checked into our original hotel, the Best Western Swiss Cottage. The room is pretty nice, and DsS and DD are sharing a huge one, but I'm not sure it quite makes up for the debacle yesterday.
Yeoman WarderBut we did do some sightseeing today. We hopped on the Tube and headed out to see the Tower of London. We'd been before, but I'd not seen the upper floors of the White Tower, which is the original Norman keep. We also saw the crown jewels and other impressive (if ostentatious) artifacts. After seeing some rather elaborate gold plate, I honestly wonder if maybe some of the reigning monarchs have ever desired to just use normal china or even stoneware like normal people. Has the Queen ever used paper plates?
Westminster AbbeyAfter the Tower, we went to Westminster Abbey. Being Sunday, it was closed to tourists, but we were able to get in for Evensong. The service was quite nice, and Westminster has a top-notch choir. We didn't get to see much - we were pretty much ushered in and ushered out, but we did get to see a few things. I would like to go back when I can see more of it.
I liked Westminster more than York Minster, although it still feels a bit lifeless to me and I'm not sure why. I don't think it's all the crypts - I've been places with more dead people that felt more living.
This evening, the four of us and JA and BA went to a Thai place for dinner. M had eaten something that seriously disagreed with him, so he and J didn't join us. The four of them fly out tomorrow, so the last day is ours alone.

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