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Monday, December 12, 2005


Yesterday in the car, I saw a magnetic One Ring on the back of another vehicle.

Or so I thought - as I got closer, I realized it was a magnetic "Livestrong" bracelet. But I swear it looked like the One Ring from 20 feet away.. does that make me a LotR geek?

Speaking of Tolkien and friends, the whole family saw the new Narnia movie yesterday afternoon. It was very well done, in my opinion, and true to the book. I think C.S.Lewis would have been pleased, and since his stepson Douglas Gresham was involved, I'm sure that helps matters. I really liked that the movie opened with The Blitz, lending historical context to why the Pevensies were at the country manor in the first place. When I first read the Chronicles of Narnia, back in elementary school, I didn't know about The Blitz and that many parents sent their children away from the cities for safety. I also liked all the little touches - the good-natured banter between Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, the White Witch's outfits (especially her icicle crown), and so on. I won't want to spoil too much, though! On the whole, it came across as very believable and very real. So much so that I was immediately discomfited by DsD and her friend commenting that Tumnus was 'cute' - they meant the actor, of course, but I'd already thought of him *as* a faun by then.

Definitely one to get when it comes out on DVD! This blows the 70's animated version I have out of the water, that's for certain. And DD wanted to read the books first thing when we got home. My set is getting kind of ratty - maybe Santa will gift her with a brand new set for Christmas.

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