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Monday, October 24, 2005

Well *that* was different...

We lost power around 8:30 last night, well ahead of the storm, and were only without power for about an hour. Probably a blown transformer or something. Power came back about 9:40 and has been on since. For now, anyway.

I have two small Victorian-style oil lamps that I've had forever, and we lit those. They didn't give off very good light...until DH added some lamp oil to them. We honestly don't know how old the oil that was in them was - I think I had the lamps when we married, which would put the oil at a good 15 years old. Fresh oil does work much better. Still, maybe larger hurricane lamps might be in order.

All else is well, if sleepy, here. We turned the A/C off so power hits didn't fry the compressor, so it's starting to get a tad muggy. I just got up a few minutes ago to check the storm track - everyone else is still asleep.

We've been getting rain here since last night, but I haven't heard much in the way of winds yet. Of course, Wilma is still getting closer - she's going to exit well south so we'll get tropical-storm force winds at worst, but we have yet to experience the worst of the weather we will get from her.

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