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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dog days of summer...

So somehow late Saturday night we acquired a houseguest. Of the four-footed variety.

DD probably thought it was an answer to prayer. Even before our fence was rebuilt, she's been asking about getting a dog, and now that the fence is complete, she's been practically pestering us about it. Fence got completed this past Friday, DD asks again for a dog on Saturday, and *poof* (or is that *woof*?) late Saturday night we get a call from DsD - a friend of hers was in a bind and needed someone to dogsit for a couple weeks.

So suddenly, we are playing host to a friendly brindle mutt named George. He's probably about a year old, and friendly to the point of needy. DsD's been taking care of him, and DD has been constantly asking to walk or play with him. I've gotten a bit of exercise when I've walked him a couple times. But I've come to realize something...

I don't want a dog.

Not that I have anything against George. He's nice, rarely barks, pretty well trained. But he's just so...needy, and it is a bit unfair to keep him, or indeed any dog, cooped up on my back porch or in my yard all day, with almost no human interaction.

And then there's the fact that DsD is going off to Basic in a few months (she's joined the Army Reserves - hooah!) DD says she'd feed, walk, and do poop duty, but DD is only 6, and there is NO WAY I'd let her walk the neighborhood by herself. So I'd end up doing most of the dog work.

And when it really comes down to it, I am, at best, neutral on dogs. I grew up with both dogs and cats, but I'm a cat person. DH is definitely NOT a cat person (allergies and strong dislike) - when I married I gave up the cat for the man, and still consider it a very good trade. But we've had no furry pets during our entire marriage, and I've actually grown accustomed to not having to clean up pet fur, or worry about boarding arrangements during vacation.

So really, this stint of dogsitting has been an educational one for us. We've pretty much come to a decision, without having to learn the hard way.

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