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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Raising the roof!

Thursday I came home to find DsD and dBF repairing the roof, so now we are officially storm-ready again. Hopefully the tropics will remain quiet, though! We had enough hurricane experience last year to last a lifetime.

I finished Sharon Kay Penman's Time and Chance a couple hours ago. It tells the story of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Henry's well-known feud with Thomas Becket. After reading it, I have two thoughts: 1) that I can't wait for her next book in this series, and 2) I need to watch The Lion in Winter and Becket again. I also want to visit Canterbury and spend a bit more time there next time I'm in the area. Last time we were there, there was a service going on, and when we came back, there was only about 5 minutes until closing, so family friend M and I made the whirlwind tour of the main area. I saw that they keep a lit candle on the spot Becket was murdered, but little else. DH unfortunately didn't see any of it, since he stayed back with then 7-month-old DD.

We're flying up to Virginia tomorrow, so entries may be a bit sporadic (or more probably, nonexistent) next week. Hopefully it will be cooler up there than it was this past week!

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