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Monday, May 02, 2005


Now I can look back and laugh, but this weekend didn't exactly get off to a great start.

Friday afternoon I headed to Curves and then did some grocery shopping. I was quite looking forward to finishing up some laundry and then spending some time stitching.

I got home to find that DD had accidentally pulled down the curtains in the master bedroom...including breaking the mounting bracket for the curtain rod. Oh well - installing a miniblind in there was on my ToDo list anyway. Losing the window treatment for one's master bedroom, especially after no longer having a fence thanks to Hurricane Frances, suddenly made miniblind installation Top Priority. Fortunately, I already had a miniblind for the occasion.

Unfortunately, somehow when I was measuring for the miniblinds in the first place, I'd miscalculated. 36 + 16 = 52, not 56. So off I go to Walmart to return the miniblinds for more appropriately sized ones.

Guess what size they happen to be out of when I arrived. They only had one set of 52" blinds...in khaki. My house is blue and grey.

So off I go to the home improvement store to get 52" blinds. They only had white. Which is better than khaki, at least, so I purchase two sets (I have another window for which I'd also purchased oversized blinds). I got home tired, sweaty, and loudly grumpy. With very few specific exceptions, I dislike shopping at the best of times.

The hour that followed probably reduced DH and DD's stints in Purgatory, but certainly didn't help my cause any. I didn't swear, but I was certainly very crabby, and was riled up enough that I initially installed one of the brackets wrong.
Never try to install miniblinds (or anything else) when you're ticked off.

Finally, the deed was done, my wrath faded like a summer storm, and life went back to normal.

Sort of. The next morning we discovered that the new blinds didn't keep out nearly as much light as the old curtains, which made attempting to sleep in a difficult proposition. On the good side, it's now light enough in the bedroom that I can stitch most of the day without needing the overhead light.

Now I just hope my family forgives me for being such a grouch on Friday...

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