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Monday, December 13, 2004

Monday mayhem

Amazing how the weekend seems so busy, and yet there's very little to show for it. This weekend we went to a party on Friday and a parade on Saturday, I did laundry, bills, and made two rumcakes, and we played LotRisk.

DsD and I also decorated the house. Well, mostly she decorated, while I provided the financial backing for said decorations. We decorated the outside of the house for the first time ever, and I think it looks nice. Not too overdone, I hope.

Today had its bummer moments - most notably, my attempt to donate blood. The Bloodmobile came around at work on its normal rounds. I went out to donate, and my iron level was great (yay!). But on the first attempt after getting the needle into my veins, it popped out and got air in the blood bag, so they had to ditch the whole setup. Take two, right arm this time: my veins are hard to find on that arm (which is why I always donate from my left) so it took them a while to get to the point of trying to stick me. While that's happening, I'm chatting with a coworker who is also donating...and I started laughing at the wrong moment, and they missed my vein. One strike each arm, and I'm outta there. Two sticks, and no pint to show for it. *sigh* I could use a pint right about now. Hard cider might do the trick.

I did get a wonderful CD in the mail - Alchemy by Purest Green, a relatively new folk band that's garnering quite a following up in the Indiana/Michigan area. When I get a chance to give it a good listen, I'll post a review.

And wonder of wonders, we're actually getting a "cold" snap of sorts. It's supposed to get in the low 40's tonight, and even down in the 30s by Wednesday. We have a "Winter Weather Advisory" for wind chill for tomorrow. Cool! Literally. Closest thing to a real winter we're likely to get here.

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