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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Late-night fantastic visitors

Just a few days after Santa came to call, we had another imaginary visitor...

DD lost her first tooth yesterday! It was tricky to get her to sleep, because she was so excited about the tooth fairy. But she did eventually nod off, and the tooth fairy was duly summoned, leaving her gifts of a letter (which she got off BillyBear4Kids.com) and a Sacagawea dollar (tooth fairy gold, ya know...).

DD has another loose tooth, but her adult lower front incisors have already started coming in behind them. Hopefully with one of the baby ones gone, the other will have more wiggle room. So the tooth fairy may come calling again soon.

Meanwhile, her representative (me) needs to score a few more Sacagawea dollars...

It's been a pretty restful time off work so far. Sleeping late, stitching, watching bowl games. We had our teen music director and his wife and daughters over for dinner Monday, and that went well. The older daughter is just shy of 2, and DD had fun both playing with her, and holding the 6-week-old baby. And we adults had a good time too.

My inlaws are coming over today, and we're all going to Disney tomorrow. DsS had gotten some Disney tickets from a concert he was in last year (one park/one day tickets) that he gave to us last week. They expire tomorrow, and another friend of his in the same predicament had asked him along to use hers. So we need to use these tickets. We'll probably be going to Epcot, which in my opinion is the coolest of the Disney parks. Not too big on the others. I'll let y'all know how it went...

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