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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Geek moments...

I had a quintessential Geek Moment last night:

I had already gone to bed - it was about a quarter of midnight. While lying there, I thought to myself that I needed to remember to change something in my sidebar on Sunday.
Then I thought, "Y'know, I can just write a javascript to do that, then I won't have to remember."

At which point I started mentally writing said javascript, and there was nothing to do for it except get up, call up Blogger, and insert the javascript.

DH agrees that Getting Up Out of Bed at Nearly Midnight To Put A Javascript in One's Blog Template is definitely a stereotypically geek thing to do.

Anyway, I now have a javascript in my sidebar to insert seasonal or date-specific notes or images. And it all started when I did up an Advent wreath to put there. I'm actually quite proud of them...so much so that I'll inflict them on y'all. (If you like and want to use them, feel free to do so - just save them off to your own webspace...)
1st week of Advent~ 2nd week of Advent ~3rd week of Advent ~4th week of Advent

I've been playing around a bit with images from time to time (as you can see from the family in my sidebar). Doing decent transparent GIFs really puts the "pain" in MSPaint, though. At some point I may get a decent image editor. I won't quit my day job though!

Back to geekiness, today's Foxtrot is pretty funny...

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