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Monday, November 22, 2004

Short weeks

Ahhh, life is good. A short work week this week, and we're thankfully not traveling! I actually managed to accomplish some household tasks over the weekend, in addition to finishing my dragon-in-progress. Here's the week in review:

Last week:
  • Curves 3x - Done!
  • Clean out purse - Done!
  • Finish Futurecast- Done, and framed!
  • Start going through and weeding out clothes - Done!

    This week:
  • Exercise 3x somehow (my Curves is closed starting Wed pm)
  • Clean out DD's closet
  • Go through DD's toys/clothes
  • Start cleaning up computer room

    We'll see how much of these I actually get to. I'd really rather just stitch and watch football, but entropy acts upon my house at roughly the same accelerated rate at which it acts upon my car!
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