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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Southern hospitality

We're spending the weekend up in Florence, SC - we evacuated Thursday night, when Frances was still a category 4. We had heard reports of how horrible the traffic on I-95 was, so we waited until midnight to leave. We brought two cans of gas with us, so we didn't run out. Good thing we left so late - in southern Georgia DH ran into someone from a city 20 miles north of us...that had left 7 hours before we did. So our house is secure, and we're out of harm's way. I see on the Weather Channel that Frances is now a category 2, so we should certainly have a house to come back to, even if we take a direct hit. The main worry at this point is flooding.

Anyway, I'm using a dialup, so I'll update when I get home. The important thing is we're safe for now.

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