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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Lady blogs the blues...

Believe it or not, I am not blogging about hurricanes today. (And there was much rejoicing...yaaaaay). It's been a long and stressful week, and I'm feeling a bit braindead so I'm going to resort to a meme I've seen on other blogs I've read. Just to make things a little more colorful today...

Friday Five - Colors
1. What color are most of the clothes in your wardrobe? Is there a particular color that you would never wear? What colors do you think that you look best in (or feel best in)?

Most of my clothing (excluding jeans) is blue - been that way since I was old enough to pick my own clothes. Non-blue colors tend to gain or lose ground - lately purple has been making a greater appearance, and black less of one, but those and green tend to be my standard colors.

It's got to be a super-special event for me to even think about wearing orange, and to a lesser extent red or yellow. Mauve or burgundy is as close to red as I'll get.

I've been told I look good in green, and in black - both of those being functions of having red hair and pale skin. I've also gotten compliments on royal blue.

2. What are your favorite colors, and why? Are you inspired by them? Do you identify with them? Do you like them because of the way that they make you feel? Are there any colors that you totally dislike, and why?

Blue, followed by purples and greens. I haven't given much thought to *why* they're my favorite colors, although they are all at the 'cool' end of the spectrum. They just seem more peaceful to me. Asking if I'm "inspired by" or "identifying with" about colors requires more neural processing time than I'm willing to give at the moment. I just like them. Gut feelings and all that.

As for dislike, I wouldn't say that there are colors I totally dislike. Reds, yellows, oranges, and browns have their place - I love autumn foliage (and miss it terribly sometimes). But I wouldn't choose those as primary color schemes for my house, or most of my clothing.

3. What colors are surrounding you right now? What color is the sky at the moment? What color are the walls? What color is your computer's desktop wallpaper?

Most of my surrounding color is a light beige - office walls, desktop computer. Normally my office walls are covered with postcards primarily of landscapes or castles, but I took them all down for the hurricane. My office carpet is kind of a denim blue, which looks nice. I had an office years ago that had a dark orange carpet and orange walls - the nauseating 70s sort of look.

The sky, last I looked, was sort of a bluish grey. There are still stormclouds in the area.

I use Webshots for my desktop wallpaper, and most of the pictures it uses are of landscapes - primarily forests, waterfalls, and mountains, though occasionally wildflowers or castles.

4. Would you ever try foods that are unusually colored, such as purple mashed potatoes, green ketchup, etc.? Do you prefer your foods to be regular colors?

Sure, why not? It won't taste any different, unless it uses one of those nasty red dyes that sometimes find their way into cake icings.

5. What is your hair color? Your eye color? Do most of your family members share these same traits? Would you ever dye your hair or try colored contacts?

Red hair (Titian), murky blue-grey eyes that tend to vary in shade. DD has red hair as well, though her eyes are a pale bluish-grey. Neither my parents nor siblings have my coloring, but my distaff line from my grandmother on back were redheads for a number of generations. Funny how genetics works.

I've only ever dyed my hair once, and that was an attempt to return it to a darker red than the sunbleached red I had at the time. It wasn't too noticeable a change, and I haven't bothered since then. My hair gets damaged enough by the elements, without adding chemicals to the mix.

I might consider wearing colored contacts sometime just for S's and G's, but given my optical prescription, I have to get special contacts anyway, and colored contacts just aren't worth the expense. That, and I've been wearing glasses most of the time lately.

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