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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I dream of post-Jeannie

With power back, and a return to work today, things are almost back to normal. Almost. There's still a lot of visible damage around, and many major traffic lights are out, making for longer commutes. Many intersections either have temporary stopsigns, or National Guardsmen directing traffic. It's still difficult to find gas, or milk. Most schools start back Thursday, but some (including DsD's high school) are closed still due to damage. It will be months before things are truly back to normal, and God help us if another hurricane comes through.

This past weekend, other than the whole Jeanne thing, was okay. I won first place in my office football pool for the week, although I was very disappointed that my childhood team, the Redskins, lost to the Cowboys Monday night. Heartbreaking. I did get to stitch for about 6 hours or so on Last Supper, which was relaxing. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean Monday afternoon. Not a bad movie, actually - rather fun to watch. And I agree with DsD that Orlando Bloom looks better with dark hair than with blond elf hair, although he still doesn't do anything for me. Neither does Johnny Depp, but that's just me.

Ah, last week's goals:
  • Get to Curves 3x - Done!
  • Finish parish website - Getting there...
  • Move the frelling fence! - Well, we took it down, but it's still in the yard...

    This week's goals (gee, look familiar?)
  • Get to Curves 3x (probably not likely, with my Curves closed again due to Jeanne)
  • Finish website (I'm almost there...)
  • Move the fence!

    We went to Olive Garden for dinner tonight - I've been wanting Never-ending Pasta Bowl for two weeks now. We had an hour wait, but I'm well-stuffed now. The road to hell is paved with alfredo sauce....

    I'm listening to a new CD I got last week - Something Beautiful, the latest by Canadian band Great Big Sea. A friend of mine introduced me to GBS about 8 years ago, and I was hooked - and over the past couple years I've managed to get the rest of my family indoctrinated as well. They're sort of a Newfoundland Celtic/folk/rock style of music, a mix of traditional songs with modern compositions. Well worth checking out, although I will warn that some of their songs have a very high headsticker factor!

    Wow...that's enough of a data dump for one day!
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