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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Mixed nuts

Well, I'm committed. Or perhaps I need to be! I've arranged for professional carpet cleaners to come over on Friday to clean my carpets and furniture. But my house is not yet in the condition it needs to be in for cleaners to come by! Having a deadline should be enough motivation for me to finish.

Hypocrisy in action
This morning while driving in to work, I was nearly hit by another driver. I looked over to see a woman chatting merrily away on her cell phone. As she passed, I noticed her car had a bumper sticker which read:
Hang up and drive!

I have to admit that it was pretty funny. But that's not my first amusing anecdote with that road.

One morning while driving in, I was about to make a left turn onto that road. No sooner had the light turned green than the person behind me started laying on her horn. As I finish the turn, the driver flew past me...and not a mile down the road, I saw her pulled over!

Quickest application of poetic justice I'd ever seen!

Altoid enabling alert!
For all you fellow Altoid lovers who commented on yesterday's entry, there is a place to order Altoids online! They also have heart-shaped tins, variety packs, and even large (10oz) tins for diehard Altoid fiends.

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