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Monday, July 12, 2004

I don't care if Monday's blue...

At long last, I've put the pictures from our Italy trip online. They can be found here, although I should offer fair warning that there are 573 of them so browsing them may take a while. They're also not captioned yet, though hopefully someday they will be.

This past weekend was good. We rented The Last Samurai, which was actually rather enjoyable. Good story, good acting, and no egregious anachronisms. On the historical fiction front, I finished White Rose, Dark Summer and started Rose at Harvest End, which picks up right after Edward IV's coronation. I'll give a review on the books as a whole when I finish the series.

Saturday we played a game of Lord of the Rings: Risk. It's a rather fun game, although I'm not a strong Risk player. For me, it's a good game if I'm not the first person eliminated. Sometimes I suspect the dice don't like me very well - they certainly don't seem to help me out very often!

I did get a few hours of stitching in, but I think I did more swimming than stitching. DD spent a lot of time in the pool this weekend, and is starting to learn how to dive to the bottom to retrieve items. At least swimming is good exercise.

That's my weekend in a nutcaseshell...

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