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Monday, May 03, 2004

Twilight Zoned...

Well. The weekend had both its ups and downs.

The ups : I got to stitch for about 3 hours, which was good. My Lightning swept the Habs, which was VERY cool, especially since the Flyers-Leafs series is still going. And Thursday night I got to have a couple pints at my favorite Irish pub.

The downs : : Had what started as a sibling rivalry incident turn WAY ugly last night - family meeting was called, and all eventually got resolved and a cathartic experience had by all, but it was probably 1:30am by the time I finally got to sleep. So minimal sleep combined with emotional drainage have left me at less than optimum efficiency today. And then today I got turned down for blood donation due to low iron. I try to donate regularly when the Bloodmobile comes around to my office campus, so I'll just have to wait the requisite 8 weeks and catch it next time.

I'm rather zoned, and I have some webwork I need to do tonight, so I'll save the Stitcher's Five for another time.

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