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Monday, April 19, 2004

Less work, more hockey!

This weekend was rather more relaxing than the last, which is probably just as well for my sanity! I stitched a few hours on Last Supper, took DD to an indoor playground on Saturday, and generally just sat around stitching and watching hockey. The Tampa Bay Lightning closed out their series and are moving on (GO BOLTS!!)

I've only been a hockey fan since about '95, when a Canadian friend clued me into it. I was interested, and became well and truly hooked the next year when the Florida Panthers went to the Stanley Cup Finals. Unfortunately they were swept by the Colorado Avalanche, but still, it was an impressive run, and certainly enough to light a fire in me for the ice. The past few years, the Panthers haven't been doing so well, but the Lightning have. And where I live, there's not really a local team, but the Lightning are more likely to be televised. Maybe over time I'll develop a more lasting loyalty to one or the other, though I suspect strong loyalties generally develop during childhood.

So I don't really have a single favorite team, though there are teams I will cheer for, and certainly those I will cheer against. The Dallas Stars fall into this latter category, though I do admire some of their players. I don't know, I just can't find it in myself to cheer for any team from Dallas. Comes from growing up a Redskins fan, I guess - disliking Dallas is written in my marrow.

Interesting that all 5 of the Canadian teams who went to the playoffs are involved in Game 7s over the past few days. I love Game 7 hockey. Very intense, both teams drawing on their inner reserves to advance, knowing that a loss means they go home. I'm looking forward to it, and I suspect I won't get much stitching done tonight .

A hockey fan from birth?
I went in the hospital to have DD during the Conference Finals one year, and had the doc wait until after the Sabres-Leafs game was over before I let her break my water. (DD would be 6 weeks premature, so an extra hour in utero would be good for her anyway).

I still maintain DD was early because she didn't want to miss the Finals.

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