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Wednesday, April 28, 2004


So other than a less-than-positive weigh-in at Curves yesterday, last night was relaxing. I got to stitch for an hour, and watched playoff hockey. Well, I had my stitching out for well over an hour, but counting child-driven interrupts ("Mom, read me a story!") I only actually put needle in fabric for about an hour. And no frogs this time!

The Lightning game had an exciting ending. With Montreal up 3-2, Tampa scored with 17 seconds remaining to send it into OT. Free hockey! A minute in, a Tampa player shot, grabbed the rebound, and bounced it off the goalie's skate from behind to win. The Lightning now lead the series 3-0. Doubt it'll be a sweep, though it would be nice. I'd also like to see the Sharks sweep the Avalanche - that could be cool as well. However, I'd like the Flyers-Leafs series to go to 7 games. Game 7s are cool....and it would leave the series winner more tired than the Lightning (assuming, of course, that series doesn't also go to a game 7).

Ah, I love playoff hockey. And not just because of playoff beards!

So I'm 22 days away from our big overseas trip, and I've already started thinking about what to pack, how to protect our valuables, and the like. I am very much looking forward to this trip. And don't worry, dear readers. You will hear all about it when I return. It should keep me in blog entries for quite a while.

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